A filament with added carbon fiber for 3D printing solutions

OMNI3D announced that it has expanded its range of materials with a polyamide 12 (PA 12) based composite

OMNI3D, the Polish manufacturer of industrial 3D printers in FFF technology, announced that it has expanded its range of materials. From January 2018, the offer includes a filament with added carbon fiber (CF-PA-12) – a high-strength material recommended due to low shrinkage and stiffness.

Krzysztof Kardach, responsible in OMNI3D for testing and introducing filaments, talks about the new material: “CF-PA-12 is a polyamide 12 (PA 12) based composite, reinforced with carbon fibers. It has exceptional durability as well as high stiffness and tensile strength. The last feature is especially worth noting, because carbon fiber has over 2.5 times more strength than the popular ABS-42.”

However, carbon fiber has even more desirable properties.

“The low material shrinkage and high thermal resistance mean that tools made of carbon fiber work successfully up to 160°C. Again, ABS resistance can be rated as two times lower because prints from this material can be used up to about 87°C. Carbon fiber also has high chemical resistance. CF-PA-12 retains the structural stiffness of the carbon fiber regardless of the ambient humidity. It is lightweight, with an elegant, semi-matte finish.”

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