ACS invests 4 million for the opening of a second plant

The launch of the new plant is tied to new and significant orders ACS has received from well-known international automotive brands

ACS (Advanced Composites Solutions) Srl, the Italian company specialized in the production of carbon fiber components for various industrial sectors and publisher of Composites Portal, will invest 4 million euros to open a second plant in Tortoreto, in the province of Teramo which is in the region of Abruzzo in Italy, about 6 kilometers from its current operational headquarters.

The agreement with Pedicone Holding Srl was signed recently. They have leased ACS a historic building of approximately 14,000 square meters, located near the intersection of the Adriatic highway and the Salinello valley road.

This site will host the new serial production lines for the automotive and aerospace sectors of the company.
Within twelve months, 50 new employees are expected to be hired as specialized operators in composite materials processing, primarily laminators and finishers, whom ACS is already training with specific courses.

The agreement requires Pedicone Holding to refurbish the plant (which previously housed some of the industrial activities of the group founded by entrepreneur Giulio Pedicone) and to renovate and expand its offices. ACS will be responsible for making the new machinery operational (increasing production capacity by 400% compared to today) and installing a photovoltaic system for self-consumption to meet the company’s sustainability goals.

The launch of the new plant, scheduled between the end of this year and the early months of 2025, is tied to new and significant orders ACS has received from well-known international automotive brands. These orders will be partially managed with innovative molding press technologies. There are also ongoing projects in the aerospace and space sectors following the achievement of the 9100 certification.

The current plant on the Salinello valley road, where ACS began its production activities in 2015 (the company will celebrate its tenth anniversary next year), will continue its production activities in the motorsport and racing sectors, manage one-off projects and small series, host the Academy (the training school that has become an integral part of the company), and strengthen the research and development department starting from the various R&D projects already funded and in progress.

“This is an important challenge,” commented Engineer Roberto Catenaro, founder and CEO of ACS, “that is engaging all our energies in view of the transition to serial production. We strongly believe in this project, which our clients have also invested in. In addition, we are confident about our skills and our ability to offer them availability, experience, and technological versatility at the same time. We are also proud to be able to restart a historic plant, which we hope can provide continuity and employment prospects to a production sector that has always been very dynamic.”

“The operation,” stated Massimo Rulli, General Director of the Pedicone Holding Group, “is part of a redevelopment and enhancement project that has already involved other non-strategic properties of the group. This is a complex project, and we are happy to have carried it out with ACS, an innovative company that invests and offers employment.”

Photos: Handshake after the contract signing between ACS CEO Roberto Catenaro and Pedicone Holding CEO Lorella Pedicone; the new plant in an aerial image from Google Earth; ACS sign at the entrance of the new plant.

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