Bugatti and Champagne Carbon reveal La Bouteille Noire

A 15-liter carbon fiber bottle, itself the result of 150 hours of craftsmanship involving 37 steps

Bugatti and Champagne Carbon have worked in partnership since 2018, both hailing from the Grand Est region in France and each dedicated to translating the knowledge and expertise gathered over their proud histories into an innovative present and future, always striving for perfection.

The first manifestation of the partnership was the launch of ‘ƎB.01’, a champagne consisting of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir. Only grapes from the most distinguished terroirs of Champagne were used from a 2002 vintage; the very year which saw Bugatti working at full speed on its modern era revival and the Veyron, while the Grand Est region had perfect weather conditions for good ripeness and Champagne flavor concentration.

Now, Bugatti and Champagne Carbon – inspired by the haute couture creation of La Voiture Noire – reveal the most spectacular, hand-crafted champagne bottle and case in the world: La Bouteille Noire.

A 15-liter carbon fiber bottle, itself the result of 150 hours of craftsmanship involving 37 steps, nestles securely within a sculptural case, which draws inspiration from La Voiture Noire and the flowing elegance of the Type 57 SC Atlantic. With pure surfaces and clean lines, the visual flow of the hand-crafted case is entirely uninterrupted, except by the ultrafine fiber structure hidden beneath the deep glossy black surface.

The case itself is a masterpiece, featuring 314 individual sheets of prepreg carbon fiber, exactly like the materials used in Bugatti’s line-up of advanced hyper sports cars. The cutting-edge technology within includes an automatic solid-state thermodynamic cooling cell – normally found in orbiting satellites – together with 14 high-end fans circulating cool air within the case.

Until December 1st, the Bugatti ‘La Voiture Noire’ will be displayed within an illuminated glass box outside The Londoner in Leicester Square.

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