«Composites will help us to win the challenge of electric cars»

Interview with Angelo Raffaele Pelillo, vice president of the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship Commission


Composites Portal and Portale Compositi continue the interviews on "The future of composites". Today is the turn of Angelo Raffaele Pelillo, vice president of the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship Commission. Here the result of the interesting conversation with the italian expert.

Only five years ago the topic of electric mobility was not on the agenda. Why has it become so important today? What was the turning point in your opinion?
«Many reasons have contributed, no doubts. One of these, maybe the first, is the increased level of common attention about the environment problems, the mobility and new sustainables choises: for instance, it is significant that new European government was focused on green measures. It’s a delicate theme, I know. I was expected that this new sensibility would be more seriously considered after and in consequence of the pandemia. Anyway, new politics measures, Italian and European, go toward monetary measures to increase the alternative mobility».

How many chances does the electric car have to replace traditional cars?
«In my vision, alternative energies – electric, mainly - guarantee, immediately, the chance of rebuilt, first of all, public transportation, public services, and individual mobility - which will be increased for Covid - close and around the cities, where the public recharging points are more available. In the same time, but slower, with the increasing of charging points out of the cities, we can help the definitive success of electric cars and obtain also a renewal of the circulating car fleet, that in Italy, for example, is among the oldest in the world».

In an electric car, the weight of the batteries is still a problem. In your opinion, are car manufacturers doing enough to use lighter materials such as composites in building new cars and what more could be done in this direction?
«For sure. Composites are a decisive part of this challenge, and probably the only one way for sport cars and super cars to use the electric energies toward the best performing results».

What do we really mean by sustainable mobility?
«Sustainable mobility in my opinion it’s a complex system in which environmental protection requirements, new forms of mobility and related costs must be balanced; but, only without any prejudices about new resources and without ideological conflicts between new sensibilities and old passions. It’s the field, probably the main, through the which we can give a new form of the cities and we can rebuild, especially in Italy, all the system of public transportation».

Can you imagine the car of the future?
«The car of the future needs to satisfy what we are discussing now, first of all, but remembering two opposing reflection: after the pandemia, the sharing will be difficult to re-accept fast, out of the family transportation and this can involved some choises from manufacturers. Alongside this, the market of supercars, also thanks to new technologies, will be more and more interesting and will be full of opportunities».

Angelo Raffaele Pelillo was born in Teramo (Abruzzo region, Italy) in 1970, where he lives and works. Administrative lawyer, expert in environmental, energy and sports law. Former President of the Ethics Commission of the Automobile Club d’Italia, from 2017 he was appointed to lead its Alternative Energy Commission. Since 2018 member of the Electric and New Energy Championship Commission (Eneec) at the FIA - International Automobile Federation, in charge of which he has assumed the role of Coordinator of the Working Groups responsible for the scheduling of controls and since March 2020 he has become Vice President.

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