CRP Technology introduces Windform FR2

It is a Flame Retardant polyamide-based glass fiber reinforced material

Less than six months after the launch on the market of Windform® FR1, the first carbon fiber-reinforced flame-retardant material for professional 3D printing, CRP Technology is presenting a new composite material from the TOP-LINE family of composite materials for SLS: Windform® FR2.

Windform® FR2 is a Flame Retardant polyamide-based glass fiber reinforced material.

It diverges from Windform® FR1 on some properties, including: reinforcement material (Windform® FR2 is glass fiber reinforced, Windform® FR1 is carbon fiber reinforced), color (Windform® FR2 is off-white, Windform® FR1 is dark gray), electrical behavior (Windform® FR2 is electrically insulating), smoother surface finish.

Windform® FR2 passed successfully the FAR 25.853 12-second vertical and 15-second horizontal flammability tests as well as the 45° Bunsen burner test and Smoke density test.

Filed: Moulding
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