ELG Carbon Fiber and INEOS Team UK for the America's Cup

The agreement aims to ensure sustainable materials and practices

ELG Carbon Fibre, a market leader in recycled carbon fibre materials, and INEOS Team UK are working together to ensure sustainable materials and practices are incorporated into The America’s Cup 2021 build programme.

ELG has been a Technical Supplier to INEOS Team UK since the campaign began in 2018 and has processed 1000 kg of carbon manufacturing waste and end-of-use parts for the British Challengers.

From ELG’s specialist facility in the West Midlands, INEOS Team UK’s recovered fibres are converted into milled and chopped products to make thermoset and thermoplastic compounds and non-woven mats. These reprocessed products are then used to manufacture composite structures during the production of the AC75 boat that will compete in Auckland in 2021.

Although precise details of the boat’s design remain a closely guarded secret, ELG can reveal their recycled non-woven materials have been used in the production of two cradles to support the AC75 during transit as well as the hull and deck moulds.

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