Fairmat, 8.6 million in the high-tech material recycling

Benjamin Saada, co-founder of Expliseat, is launching a deeptech company aiming for 'zero waste' and to stop the destruction of composite materials

Benjamin Saada, co-founder of Expliseat, is launching Fairmat, a deeptech company aiming for "zero waste" and to stop the destruction of composite materials, by creating recycled and negative carbon footprint materials which can be used in an array of ways. This ambition will revolutionize the high-tech materials industry which use is constantly increasing whilst there are paradoxically very few ecological solutions adapted to their end-of-life.

Fairmat announces a €8.6 million fundraising to industrialize its proprietary carbon fiber composite recycling technology. This first round funding was led by Singular alongside business angels including tech entrepreneurs and captains of industry who will accompany FAIRMAT in this first stage of its development.

The new company wants to revolutionize the composite materials industry with a disruptive technology which will create a light and strong high-tech material, designed to be used in almost all industries.

Produced from carbon fiber production waste coming from many sectors - windmills, aviation, automotive - this material will allow to avoid their landfilling or incineration, as it is still the case most of the time. Although fully aware of this issue, industries which are using carbon fiber composites are still struggling to find solutions. Indeed, the volume of carbon fiber composite waste is constantly increasing. It is estimated at nearly 62,000 tons worldwide each year, excluding application’s end-of-life dismantling.

These high-added value wastes materials which Fairmat is aiming to recycle are neither sorted nor recovered but sent to landfill. 

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