Flight Path, the new partnership between LCI and Airbus Helicopters

A 20-year partnership with the goal of addressing the requirements of the aviation industry


LCI, one of the leading aviation companies, and Airbus Helicopters have activated a new Flight Path partnership, with the goal of addressing all the capacity, sustainability, and long-term financing requirements of the aviation industry.

The companies will use their knowledge and experience to figure out which infrastructure and financial innovations will be able to meet the demand for more than 16,000 new helicopters by 2041, totaling about $130 billion.

The 20-year relationship between the two companies began recently, following the signing of a collaboration agreement to develop advanced air mobility ecosystems around the CityAirbus Next Gen program.

The CEO of LCI, Jaspal Jandu, says: “This strategic partnership between LCI and Airbus signals our collective commitment to deliver long-term, sustainable capacity solutions to the market. The combination of Airbus’ long-standing expertise in business development, forecasting and planning, with LCI’s track record in leasing, investing and financial innovation, will enable us to sustainably address the multibillion dollar requirements of the market.”

Bruno Even, CEO of Airbus Helicopters, says: “LCI and Airbus have worked together in close cooperation for almost two decades, culminating most recently in the delivery commitments for seven next generation helicopters. This new partnership is a natural elevation of this relationship and one that reflects our shared capabilities. Together with our partners, Airbus Helicopters is committed to delivering sustainable growth and innovation to its customers as they undertake their mission-critical work.”


The LCI company currently has 50 Airbus helicopters, used in 10 countries around the world for various missions, such as: emergency medical services, search and rescue, and offshore wind.

The first phase of Flight Path is to deliver at least seven latest generation Airbus helicopters to LCI by 2025. In addition, the company has ordered five new Airbus H145 helicopters, two of which will be delivered by the end of March 2024 and will be used in Oceania.

This partnership is in line with LCI's sustainable development goal. In fact, the company is committed to advancing and achieving accountability goals centered on 10 priority sustainability principles, including achieving zero emissions by 2050.

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