Heritage pays tribute to the history of Abarth with two special projects

The exhibition’s special guest will be the Abarth Classiche 1300 OT model

Stellantis’ Heritage department is commemorating Abarth’s 75th Anniversary with two tributes to the Scorpion’s history: the captivating temporary exhibition inside the Heritage Hub which retraces the brand’s most important moments through some of its most famous vehicles, and the presentation of the “Abarth Classiche 1300 OT” with a 1:3 scale model on display at the commemorative event.

With 12 vehicles at the museum’s entrance at the temporary exhibition, 26 models can be found inside the exhibition area, allowing visitors to admire other “lesser known”, yet equally important, Abarth models further into the museum complex. Specifically, the 12 vehicles up front come from private collectors and Stellantis’ collection: from the first 500 tuned by Carlo Abarth—the one with which he set six speed and endurance records on the Monza circuit in 1958—to the legendary 1960s’ Abarth 1000, the Abarth 500e with a Poison Blue livery, and the brand-new Abarth 696 75th Anniversario which pays tribute to the Scorpion’s history and the famous 1.4 T-Jet engine, whose displacement (1,368 cc) inspired the 1,368 models produced for its limited-edition run.

The 26 other incredible vehicles in the exhibition include the 750 Record Aero designed by a young Franco Scaglione and the 1000 Formulino which was driven by Carlo Abarth himself to set the brand’s 100th record. Visitors will also be able to admire the iconic 131 Abarth which won 3 Group 4 World Rally Championships, and the brutal 037, which, in 1983, was the last two-wheel-drive vehicle to win the World Rally Championship against all-wheel-drive competition. The exhibition also features some rarities like the elegant 2400 Coupé Allemano—Carlo Abarth’s personal vehicle in early 1960s—and the powerful Fiat 131 Supermirafiori "2000/TC Volumetrico” tuned by Carlo Abarth which Giovanni Agnelli used for everyday driving. Moreover, each vehicle on display at the commemorative event has rich a backstory which is sure to strike younger visitors and bring a smile, and a bit of nostalgia, to those who lived through Italy’s economic miracle, when Abarth was synonymous with speed, tuning, and emotion.

The exhibition’s special guest will be the Abarth Classiche 1300 OT model which is made in Epowood and includes fine details like a rear grill with “Abarth lettering”. Mechanically based on the 2009 Abarth Classiche 1000 SP project, which was derived from the Alfa Romeo 4C, this new creation is the evolution of the Abarth Classiche 1000 SP created by the Heritage team in 2021 which came in just five models and sold out in record time. Featuring a carbon-fiber body and the historic “periscope” reinterpreted in a contemporary key, the new Abarth Classiche 1300 OT is already available for order and will be produced in just five limited-edition models and sold by the Stellantis Heritage department (Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Lancia, Abarth). For further information, it is possible to visit the Heritage site or write to the following email address:

Thanks to this compelling exhibition’s design which highlights the vehicles’ uniqueness in terms of design, technological innovation, and sporting success, the event dedicated to the Scorpion’s 75th anniversary is the perfect chance to admire these authentic “gems” of world motorsport. This incredible exhibition further enhances the Heritage Hub experience, which is normally open to the public with guided tours, and will be open for about three months starting from April 12th with the purchase of a classic guided visit at the museum in via Plava in Turin. Further information, bookings, and purchases are available at the following link.


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