New headquarters for Comec Innovative

The Italian company announced the move to the new headquarters to shoot-up business and research

Comec Innovative boasts 50 years of continuous presence in high technology applications and in the industry of composite materials since 2012, when started focusing on the production of high quality machinery for GRP and CRP industry. It is specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing large and demanding machines for composites manufacturing providing vertically integrated solutions, ranging from materials development and component qualification, to serial manufacturing.

The company is focused in aviation, automotive and other high tech industries. The heart of the Comec Innovative, that has been the company headquarters since 1960, is situated between the Apennines Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. It is here that, the father of the actual general manager laid the foundation of this family company.
Now, responding to the need of more working surfaces in order to keep offering to customers the top quality, the Company recently moved to the new Headquarters & Factory for a total surface of more than 5000 sq. With a machines assembly area of 4,000 sq. a logistic area of 1,000 sq. and the new office building distributed on 3 levels for a total of 500 sq.

“We are very satisfied with the decision taken - declares Giulio Trevisan, General Manager of Comec Innovative -. We are aware that the new site meets the needs of a highly dynamic, growth-oriented Company. We like to work in a context that represents our image well, but above all, we are pleased to be able to offer our collaborators a comfortable environment in which they can best express their skills ".
Mr. Trevisan: “Moreover, we are eager to unlock new potentials for structural optimization. We are a company in a territory of excellences, embracing every challenge and determined to succeed, finding a way, no matter the problems. Despite the world economic consequences of the current situation, a new larger headquarter is a strategic way to react and to support high-end companies into their new product development.”
The choice to grow bigger will allows OEM’s and tier one’s to get access to an innovative solutions portfolio of CFRP technologies. These strategies unlock the possibility to optimize lead-time and cost, further, to leverage the maturity level of this unique value chain combination.

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