New research study into discontinuous fibre composite tubes

NTPT™ is partnering with EPFL to enhancing the performance of advanced composite structures enabled through Thin Ply technology

NTPT™, that has been successfully producing high-performance carbon fibre tubes using their patent pending method for manufacturing tubes with Thin Ply prepreg materials since 2016, is partnering with EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne – the Swiss Centre of Technology), to enhancing the performance of advanced composite structures.

The four-year study focuses on discontinuous fibre composite tubes for high performance applications, referring to NTPT’s proprietary manufacturing process for high performance tubes, which offer tighter tolerances, greater repeatability, as well as a high level of customisation and design freedom.

The key innovation of the study is to move the potential of tubular discontinuous fibre composites to a new level. It will create a strong scientific knowledge base, and develop the technical tools required to create design rules, optimise the material and continue to look at the cost effectiveness of the process, thereby enabling NTPT™ to better communicate its advantages to the performance market sectors, and to expedite the initial stages of new projects and product development.

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