'SHELLIFE', an anti-earthquake protective capsule

 Over the years the civil engineering has developed gradually more the anti-seismic infrastructure sector to provide that all works must meet specific requirements.

The purpose of the patent SHELLIFE (The "Shell for life"), developed by the engineer Matteo Gatto, is to make available a “life saving” product, capable of protecting any people in cases of extreme danger or collapse of entire structures.

The lifesaving product has been designed and patented not with the aim to safeguard the infrastructure, but to offer protection to humans in an irremediable situations such as collapses in case of earthquakes.

It can be applied in areas and sectors different from each other, from the residential sector to the hotel and the school, in business, in public and private offices and sports facilities. The patent, already released in Italy and internationally, is to build a protective module that can accommodate (per capsule) up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 children).

The module can be inserted in a normal house (office or other environment), becoming itself a piece of furniture.
The module, previously subjected to virtual tests (crash tests), is realized in the latest generation of composite material, in collaboration with the Italian group Carbopress / Acs, and in particular integrally made of carbon fiber or combination "sandwich model of fiber" of carbon and other materials with high mechanical strength.
Inside the capsule will be allocated a position detection system and a system pressurization and air exchange. Are also provided for a series of individual protection systems "passive" of the person and in particular: safety belts and airbags in addition to the total filling of the inner surface by means of material able to absorb any shocks.

The startup owner of the patent and a utility model, "SHELLIFE", put up by the engineer Matteo Gatto, is identifying the financial market one or more lenders who, through a joint venture or the use of investment funds , can not only put into production the prototype but develop and achieve, in line with what is already happening, skills and know-how for the design and prototyping of new systems to protect people in case of natural and environmental disasters (earthquakes events , tsunamis, landslides, tornadoes, etc.).

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