Solvay launches FusePly for the aerospace industry

The advanced materials and chemical company developed a breakthrough composite bonding technology

Solvay launches the new technology FusePly to enable the build of reliable, bonded composite parts using conventional manufacturing processes. That is possible through the creation of covalently bonded structures thus potentially removing the need for abundant rivets and fasteners. The breakthrough composite bonding technology addresses the manufacturing challenges faced by aircraft builders looking for improved performance, build rates and lightweighting.

FusePly offers clear step-change bonding performance and benefits to users:

  • Improved reliability: through the creation of chemical bonds,FusePly enables part manufacturers to have increased confidence in bonded structures.
  • Higher part performance: compared to mechanical fasteners,FusePly offers higher performance since drilling holes into fiber-reinforced structures introduces structural damage and creates stress concentrations that ultimately reduce the load capacity of the part.
  • Lightweighting: the reduction and replacement of fasteners with FusePly bonding will substantially reduce the overall weight of the aircraft.
  • Design freedom: adhesives offer much greater design flexibility during manufacture and assembly at lower cost. FusePly can easily be integrated into existing manufacturing processes as an upgrade for traditional surface preparation methods.

Solvay will be introducing FusePly at SAMPE Long Beach 2018 by exhibiting samples on Stand M25 and presenting in the SAMPE conference program on May 23rd at 10.30 am.

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