NEXX Technologies presents its latest high-performance product

Benefitting from lower costs, the Enduredge NTC-425 Cyanate Ester System is unique for being vertically integrated

Enduredge NTC-425 Cyanate Ester System is the latest high-performance product released by NEXX Technologies—manufacturer and supplier of revolutionary prepreg materials and affiliate of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc. (MGC).

Benefitting from lower costs, this new prepreg resin system is unique within the composites industry for being vertically integrated, with unheard-of shop temperature out-time of 90-100 days (<75o F). The extended out-time has made it possible for businesses to finally construct and assemble large-scale structures before the prepreg reaches the end of its processing shelf life. The NTC-425 architecture allows parts production using out of autoclave processing (OOA), without the need for complicated debulks or curing processes.

Filed: Aerospace
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